Residential or Commercial Real Estate Owners & Agents REO/Foreclosure

Looking for a way to secure your properties but keep them presentable for prospective buyers or renters? Our VIP Protection system provide just what you’re looking for: – proprietary locking systems and steel construction of our VIP security windows and doors ensures that no unauthorized persons can enter your property.

 Attractive beige VIP products give a clean sophisticated look to your vacant property. Our experienced installation partners ensure that VIP security windows and doors don’t damage your property. We help keep the building and neighborhood attractive and keep unwanted squatters and thieves out!

Public Housing

Protect the interior of your properties while keeping them attractive with our steel VIP Protection windows and doors. Our VIP security products are an excellent deterrent for thieves and squatters but do not detract from the overall look of the neighborhood.  Use VIP to ensure that all the fixtures, appliances and wiring remains intact in your vacant housing.Our expert installation partners will ensure that your properties are correctly secured and only accessed by authorized personnel.


Whether you manage a vacant school, college, hospital, military base or any other government owned property you are responsible for keeping that property secure. Valuable equipment, wiring, fixtures and furniture are attractive targets for thieves. Large vacant properties are also very appealing to squatters and intruders.

Our VIP system ensures that your property is secure at all times. Our expert installation partners will make certain that your properties are correctly secured and only accessed by authorized personnel.


Whether you are a new construction builder, rehabber or contractor, our steel Door and Window security rentals are designed to keep your property secure during the construction process.  You no longer need to remove all your building materials and tools from the premises at the end of the day.  Our customers see large efficiency benefits by keeping their building materials and tools onsite, enabling more time to work, and spending less time moving these items in and out of the building everyday.