Danger Prevention: Security Concerns Raised by Employees After Shooting in Philly


Security is now the concern of local Philadelphia homeless shelter employees after a shooting occurred. Via Philadelphia CBS Local:

Richard McMillen runs Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, a non-profit that runs one of the city’s largest independent emergency shelters for me.  He says they can house up to 250 men a night.  McMillen recalls that Brock stayed at the Mission a couple of years ago without incident, but notes violence inside shelters is not uncommon and quickly escalates.

“More often it’s between the homeless people themselves,” he says, “but we are always concerned for our staff and for our residents.”

McMillen recalls a recent incident where a man high on drugs tried to break through their metal doors.

“It was a little scary,” he says.

Luckily, the Mission uses double security doors, surveillance cameras and wand metal detectors that helped keep them safe. They also require that residents check their belongings to keep them secure and out of the sleeping areas.

It’s always best to take preventive measures if possible. However, it’s good that they had security doors in the case of the attempted break in. Read more on the local story in Philly here.


Homeless Shelter Shooting Raises Serious Security Concerns For EmployeesPhiladelphia CBS Local



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