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Protection Against Hurricanes

There is no property damage while using our products

Vacant Residential or Commercial Real Estate Protection

At VIP, we are ready to help the any kind of property including residential and commercial real estate. Our custom made windows and doors guard systems are designed to ensure the security of the vacant property and protect against crime and vandalism. We will not damage your property because we are a team of trained professionals with years of experience in installation, removal and all the internal and external security.

Agents REO/Foreclosured Property Security

Foreclosed properties are vulnerable to intruders. VIP security will ensure your foreclosed property’s safety is in place. No matter where your property is or what it is, Vacant Investment Protection will take measures to protect it from crime and vandalism. We work with property managers, asset managers, services and receivers to provide services and make the process easier for you.

Government/Public Housing Security

VIP is proud to work with government agencies and public housing authorities to provide them customized security services they need for the vacant buildings. We work with a range of properties like hospitals, schools, universities, clinics, libraries and museums. VIP makes sure the the security of these buildings is in place and the properties are safe in the face of crime and vandalism. Our door and window guards are customized to the needs and we make sure no damage is caused to the property during installation of removal. With use, you can keep your property protected and your neighborhood beautiful.

Construction Equipment Protection

Do you want to keep your equipment and materials safe and secure after work? Vacant Investment Protection has the right tools to help you secure your construction equipment. We will help you reduce costs by protecting your material and equipment on the construction site every day. Our windows and doors guard system fit any sizes and shapes and let us secure your vacant property under construction.