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Protect your vacant investments against burglars while keeping them attractive

Reliable Security Windows & Security Window Covers

Vacant Investment Protection provides state-of-the-art rental security windows that fit externally over existing openings. This prevents damage to your property structure. Our windows are perforated to allow air and natural light to penetrate through. That way contractors and buyers can function comfortably inside.

VIP Security Components are developed to prohibit any unwanted entry or damage to your vacant property. This includes the screen and door devices themselves. Our system conceals existing windows and doors. It also has the ability to adjust sizes of our product. There is NO property damage while using our product.

Our custom window guards offer state-of-the-art designs. The designs allow the guards to fit a variety of window openings. Scores of perforations in the sheeting allow natural light to flow into your property, keeping it well-ventilated.

Clean, smooth attachments assure no damage occurs to the structure of your home. Our windows are made of heavy gauge, non-rusting materials. Additionally, a zinc coating that makes removal of graffiti an easy task. We also apply professional decals to your windows. They show that your property is totally protected.

Metal Security Doors – Door Guards

Vacant Investment Protection’s components are made of the best steel grade materials to ensure secure protection of your vacant property. Our steel doors are reinforced with custom designed brackets and industrial-grade fasteners that can only be removed with VIP special tooling.

Clean, Attractive Design

Our components blend with the property to give an appearance that makes your vacant property fit in with the surrounding homes and keeps the community looking in top condition.

Our steel-coated, high-grade doors are fitted externally over a variety of door openings. The zinc-covered components make for long-lasting materials that look good and make it easy to remove stains and graffiti.

Technology drives our ability to ensure your doors are secure by incorporating engineer-only removable fixings that can only be unlocked using custom tools.