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Let’s Protect Your Vacant Investments.

Protect Your Investment

Protect your vacant investments against burglars while keeping them attractive

Know The VIP Difference

Save a great deal while protecting the property value and these communities

Protection Against Hurricanes

There is no property damage while using our products

Security Windows and Doors Installation

Our team consists of trained professionals who have years of experience at installing security windows, doors, hurricane screens and AC cages. We make sure our product is fully installed without any problems and no damage is done to your property.

Internal and External Security Doors and Windows

Our products are designed so that they are fastened both on the inside and outside of the vacant property in order to bring extra security. Our windows and door guards and hurricane screens are fastened on products are customized for your property needs and we make sure your property is secure while it is vacant.

Security Doors and Windows Removal

Only our crew of trained professionals are able to remove our products from the vacant houses. We are ready to remove the custom door and window guards and hurricane screens from your property at any time. We finish the tasks on time, making sure your property remains intact.